Minicoy Island, aka maliku, is one of the 30 islands present in Lakshadweep Island. The beautiful island is in the shape of a crescent has a picturesque view. It is just 70 km approx away from Maldives island as well. Due to this, its culture and food are influenced by the Maldives style. The island is the second-largest island on Lakshadweep, being an Indian remote island. It has around 11 villages with various white sand beaches, accommodations, and stalls on the island. However, it is famous for its water sports and adventure activities. Listed below are top places one can visit in Minicoy Island, such as:

1. Lighthouse Minicoy

A major popular tourist attraction of Minicoy island is its Lighthouse. Built by Britishers in 1885 is a beautiful feature on the island. The lighthouse is 300 ft tall, providing a serene view of the whole island from the top.


It is a fantastic site to visit during the evening to witness the surreal sunset. One can also spend some time while clicking pictures at the lighthouse. It is covered by palm trees and a beautiful sea view around. 

2. Juma Masjid

An old mosque built in the medieval period is a famous place for worship for locals. The mosque holds an important place in the heart of Islamic people who live on the island. It is also popular due to its simple architecture and vibrant color.


Many pilgrims visit this mosque on the island due to religious beliefs. It has some rare artifacts as well inside, such as Rai Hilai, an ancient stone anchor.

3. Beaches At Minicoy Island:

There are many white-sand beaches on the island. All the beaches are clean, covered with palm trees and clear blue water. Also, provide the facilities of bathing huts with changing rooms for tourists. You can stroll around the beach in the evening or sun bask in the afternoon. 

One can enjoy the beaches in various ways such as :

  • Indulge in different water sports and adventurous activities available at the beaches. For example, scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling or tuna canning, and tuna fishing.

  • Participate in the traditional water boat competition near the beaches with locals. Locally known for Colourful race boats called “Jahadhoni.”

  • Enjoy water rides or boat tours with your family and friends while appreciating the beauty of the island.